Eligibility Criteria

  1. Single industrial clients can receive technical support for up to 500 kW of PV systems and financial support up to 150 kW.
  2. Clients shall have a reasonable amount of non‐shaded, unobstructed roof space for the PV system installation.
  3. Financial support: 200 USD per kW maximum 100 kWp.
  4. Clients shall apply a net metering scheme before installing the PV system.
  5. Facilities installing LED lighting and applying Energy Efficiency plans are highly recommended.
  6. Abiding by the service provider list approved by the project.
  7. Clients can only benefit once from the support mechanism in all their facilities.
  8. Clients and safety providers will be committed to provide all the procedures to ensure safety of the workers during installation and maintenance processes.
  9. Abiding by the standards and technical specifications for the installation of the PV system, according to Egypt PV guidelines, to ensure  quality assurance of the  system.
  10. Commitment from the owner to allow periodic visits by the project’s team for evaluation and audit checks to the technical aspects during  and after implementation, with the supplier’s commitment to accept all the technical reviews, and abide all the instructions of the institutions that are responsible   for inspection and reviewing.
  11. Clients who will provide an insurance policy for the system will have a priority in the selection process.
  12. The facility shall have a maintenance contract to ensure periodic maintenance work, and ensure commitment to provide trained and qualified technical workers, and provide the required tools to be able to meet maintenance requests as soon as possible.
  13. Clients will be committed to deliver electric bills, maintenance reports and any other required technical reports for monitoring purposes.
  14. Industrial facility must be in an official industrial zone and legible to be registered in IMC data base.
  15. Commitment from top management or owner of the industrial facility and a board member to further engage management in the process and embed renewable energy investment within management decision making in the future.
  16. Allowing Egypt-PV project to use the results of the PV installed system in conferences, seminars and brochures to increase public awareness.
  17. Commitment of the facility to put PV sign, which will be provided by the project, in a clear place on the building to announce its participation.

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