1- Demonstration Projects

Egypt-PV will support technically and financially a number of small scale Photovoltaic Systems projects in different sectors (Industrial, Tourism, Commercial, Residential and Public Buildings) to take off and encourage the PV industry market, those projects will be success stories to raise the awareness and standards of the PV market around Egypt.

2- Technical services:

  • One Stop Shop providing all clients requirements in one place, assessing clients’ needs.
  • List of Recommended Suppliers
  • Site Assessment Report
  • Specs and Technical Guideline
  • Follow-up Reports

3- Capacity Building

  • Capacity building and training programs and materials, this will include training sessions and workshops for:
  • -Engineers, Technicians, Construction Firms & Developers, Bankers and Financial Institutions.
  • Providing a simple non-technical booklet which illustrates how PV systems work

4- Financial Services:

  • Establishing a financing framework and a network of local financial institutions to facilitate the financing of small scale PV systems for a broad range of consumers
  • Supports various financing packages with banks serving client needs
  • Monitoring the impact and performance of the financing schemes

5- Enabling Policies and regulatory framework:

  • Enabling policy, institutional and regulatory framework to provide the basis for a sustainable market growth.
  • Providing legal documents from all the shareholders on the website.

6- Information and dissemination:

Facilitating access to and dissemination of information on small scale Photovoltaic Systems policies, technologies and their applications.